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6 Ways to Increase Your Blog’s Visitors through Instagram

Instagram is an App based social site that makes it most crucial for bloggers success because people use it even when they are moving. On Instagram you can connect with like-minded people, build your authority as per the niche, and when all this happens then getting traffic using Instagram becomes a cake walk.

Well, even to achieve that success with Instagram, first in the place you need to have a few protocols to which you can stick to, if not then heed on the below aspects.

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Build an Impressive Profile:

On every social site you put information regarding yourself which includes where you work, what you do, what you like, etc. On Instagram you get 2-3 sentences to explain about yourself or your blog. So you better relate your experience with your blog. Make sure your introduction carries the theme of your blog. For example a digital nomad can put: I love travelling while teaching people about blogging and digital nomadism. Or you can put it in keywords like passionate blogger, inquisitive digital nomad, earning while travelling.

Well, in a nutshell your profile should stand out from the crowd and sound relevant to your blog. Not anything works on Instagram. And never forget to put a nice and relevant profile picture. It is the first point that attracts users to your account. The more followers you get, the better the traffic.

Link the URL of your Blog:

Like other social sites, this site too asks for website, put the link of your website/blog. With your profile content, blog link will be visible to public. Not all followers click the link but the relevant ones will definitely love to browse through your blog in the hope of finding more similarities or finding something interesting. Many bloggers don’t link, but this is the easiest way to have traffic coming to your blog.

In the event of promoting a special product, post or picture; put that particular link instead of the blog. Once the event is done, paste your blog’s link back.

Mention a Call to Action:

Call to action can be included in your profile content, though it is not necessary but it works best every time you see a new follower. Many bloggers or digital nomads include in their blogs. Some of the examples are: To start a blog like me, visit my website. To travel around the world like me, meet me at my website.

Interact with Others:

You might be introvert in your personal life but maintaining the same attitude will not bring any traffic to your blog through Instagram. Here you need to like and comment others content. Also, your comments should sound genuine. People often get away by commenting Wow, Nice, Amazing, etc. This is not enough, stretch it a bit. Genuine interaction justifies your place on Instagram, people start taking you seriously.

Work on # Hash Tags:

Social media search engine works on hash tags. It is a new discovery. Tag every post. Hash tagging keeps the post relevant to the niche and community and searchable. Well, mostly people tag wrong hash tags. For a travelling blog, #fashion will not be that useful.

Post Regularly:

Post regularly to increase the number of followers as well as to keep the existing ones engaged. Regularity is one thing in the digital world which matters most. People always seek new happenings around them. Feed their interest and in return you will get them as visitors on your site.


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