Why is Travel Blogging a Good Idea for Indian Digital Nomads?

When British ruled over India, they always pressed up that this country isn’t only diverse but extremely beautiful as well. Even today they reason with the fact that Indians needn’t to travel abroad as their own county is so beautiful and full of all varieties. Indeed, in India every direction is a hit button. From marvelous beaches to the top peaks and glaciers of the Himalaya; and from the desert of Rajasthan to the full stretch that ends up at North East India, it is all about historical monuments, great religious structures and shrines, and thrilling sanctuaries. Imagine any point of interest and you will find it on the map of India.

                                                                                    Image credit: menxp.com

Well, a traveler will never run out of options, so does a travel blogger. Since internet penetration is new in India travel blogging is something that can not only expanse the rein of tourism but can also act as a tool of information and knowledge for thousands of aspiring tourists. Travel blogging holds a promising future – here goes the list – why?

Travelling is a Way of Life:

Gone are the days when travelling had only two reasons? One was for some professional and personal journey and the second was for religious interest. Today people feel more connected and liberal because they are well connected through telecom and social media, people look upon travelling as a part of life or status quo. If a person travels more, well it indicates that the person is either nomadic or enjoys life much or is a wealthy person who can easily afford traveling to places. Drastic mentality shift has made travelling a need.

The Culture of Hill Stations:

Since the British Raj the culture of hill stations is quite a trend in the country. For the same reason, they developed and discovered a number of hill places across the county like Shimla, Dharamshala and so on which even today act as the same. During summer, hill stations around warm places are one of the top searches in Google.

Famous Travel Websites are Shallow:

The other day I was looking for information on Kasauli, a hill station. I searched about all major travel portals but couldn’t find anything credible on these sites. The hotels they endorse look only for riches. So my best bet is on Ghummakar.com and solobackpacker.com – these two websites are of people who take the trips and then share their information of the places which include aspects like how to go, where to stay, taxi fare, train options, flight options, places to see and what to avoid, etc.

So it is clear that sites like Yatra, makemytrip, trip advisor seems to be more interested in personal profits over spreading knowledge for masses. Also govt. or state run websites degrade on revision point, 5 or 10 year old stuff they show even today, which debilitates the credibility factor.

People looking to traveling or vacationing, first prefer to do online research over mouth popularity or traditional marketing because it arises interest and gives a good idea about overall budget.

So as a travel blogger if you can bring alive the stories of places that you visited, then surely your blog will grow. Travel blogging is something where you cannot bluff – your content should match your images.