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4 Facts that Distinguish Digital Nomads from Normal Travelers

We all love traveling; exploring things at our own pace; and being carefree for the time being we are there as a tourist. However, some people make that their way of life. They land up somewhere between tourists and freelancers. They, in modern world, are known as Digital Nomads. This term is new and relatively getting momentum worldwide because internet penetration has really made our lives easy, so we can travel and work as well. Evidently, digital nomads didn’t exist when there was no sprawling internet-oriented technology.

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People get confused with tourists and digital nomads, for them whosoever travels and is out of home is a traveler. Yes, they (digital nomads) are sort of travelers however some aspects make them stand tall from the core travelers/ tourists.

Generally the real purpose behind, which also serves as the major factor, travelling is fun. For some, travelling solo is fun, for many flying to some far-off snow clad mountains with friends is fun, many go on family vacations as well. Under any circumstances fun can’t be rigged apart from travelling. Apart from fun, the next reason behind travelling is to explore things or to seek the change of air.

Well, digital nomads intend to tour the world while keeping an income source alive and most of the time income source is routed through online. They work on using their laptops or desktops like people work in normal offices. So, the real purpose of digital nomads is to tour and earn. They want everything a well-off tourist needs but they never give up on earning the money.

Not necessary all tourists that roam around the world carry out their own expenses. Some are sponsored while many spend a huge part of their savings. Digital nomads aren’t sponsored by companies or touring agents. Rather they set their own income flow while travelling. If they aren’t earning while travelling then they will slid into the travelers’ category. People who earn online and roam from one place to another, away from home, are real digital nomads. To earn while touring means working hard towards their day-to-day aims and taking great care of clients, for them losing clients means homecoming.

Mostly tourists are ephemeral. They find it tough to stay away from home for a longer period of time. Since normal people when they travel most of the times think about their privacy, comfort zone and stability which they get back at their homes.  However, digital nomads go for long time or in another case they keep changing their place but their duration of stay is usually longer as compared to tourists. For them going back home is also like a vacation or for social get-to-together. Sometimes they spend a year or so in another country. As long as their income is fine and coming, they just care about their work and prefer searching a new place. But anywhere they go, they take time to settle down and closely look at the locals and their cultures. Things aren’t in haste for them.

Challenging Attitude:
Digital nomads know that for greater fun in life one needs to embrace a never-give-up and brave attitude. To roam around the world means leaving some of the fears back at your home like fear of flying, long-traveling hours, meeting new people, etc. As being a digital nomad, one has to rise above all. Normal people care about stability, comfort zone, privacy, career, remuneration and growth. But for digital nomads enjoying life means traveling to far-off remote mountains range or spending nights at the beachside shacks while pursuing a client online. They are different people, bit stranger and a little mad.

Despite a nomadic lifestyle, these people are acute planners with minimum loose ends.


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