Nepal Experience: Digital Nomad

I am writing this post to share my experience of Nepal when I went there as a digital nomad. I was there for over one month and I must say this is the best place for Indian digital nomads because here everything is so affordable that you don’t feel the budgetary pinch at all.

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In fact, whosoever is looking to stay for longer time in the hills, overlooking world’s highest mountain Mount Everest, must come here. Nepal is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. And the special thing about Nepal is that people are very kind and always look to help others (I mean tourists and digital nomads) in more than one ways.

People are Helpful and Silent:

Nepal is a poor country and mainly survives on tourism or the aid that comes from other countries. Here, you will find people staring at you mildly with a benign smile on their lips. To acknowledge their gaze, you can hold your palms closed together in a Namaste position. Briskly say them Namaste or Namaskar.

Since there are a lot of temples, avoid indulging into casual intimacy like cuddling or kissing. People may frown at you. Before entering temples and homes, remove shoes and slippers.

Life Aftermath Earthquake:

I was in Kathmandu, as we all know that a massive earthquake in 2015 shook the whole of Nepal. A lot of devastation and havoc made its way through the lives of people. Though life for tourists was good going but I could see the rubbles of homes and shrines. The earthquake made the streets and many places dusty. I saw people were busy rebuilding homes and other places around their homes and streets.

However, hotels, paying guest rooms, shops and markets seemed untouched by the earthquake. A lot of wooden and brick hotels were available for accommodation. Public transport is mainly in the form of buses, though one can hired private cabs as well but their counting is less.

Food Choices:

Simple place! Simple food! Unlike posh locations of other famous tourist destinations; in Nepal Pizza, burger or hotdogs outlets are totally absent. Due to mountainous terrain, not all common crops grow in Nepal, also importing of food items from other countries takes time hence you will readily get Dal Bhaat (lentil and rice). At times mutton lamb is also available but Dal Bhaat eventually became my favourite because I found it simple, nutritious and very cheap. I mean in 50 rupees unlimited meal. If you cannot survive without junk food, then healthy Chinese food is there to savor your heart.

There is no death of tea hangouts or coffee spots. I found many digital nomads at coffee shops.

Best Place for Trekking:

You will find shops selling necessary equipment for trekking and trailing. Also a lot of agents are available to act as a guide. Kathmandu is famous for hosting many base camps. You can escape into the nearby mountains or high points to experience the sightseeing of Mount Everest.


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