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5 Common Traits of Travellers

Travelling is an ageless aspiration found among humans. How do we get to know about discoveries and tales, is through travelling. People who take travelling to far off lands or oceans, when they come back, they are full of new experiences and stories. Thus, travelling will never go out of fashion. But do you know travelers share a common chain of traits? Yes, that is quite natural. Let’s see some of the characteristics that are commonly found among these people who are mentally unstable as travelling plans keep haunting them.

They are unstable in their lives:

There’s a universal law about humans: people get bored of things and places – so there always is that inquisitiveness that forces to explore new things and places. Quite obviously, you cannot go for vacations to the same place year after year, all your life.

People with instability in their lives keep searching excuses to remain out of one place. An unstable mind is more prone to travelling, as it satiates the hollowness of the inner heart. And even if they are settled and doing good to earn livelihood, they always feel like to break all the shackles and run away, as they used to do in their childhood.

They love freedom:

Only freedom can allow you to roam freely, otherwise obligations and fear always try to cut you down.  People who manage things by their own always plunge into travelling as it shapes them up and grooms their tenacity. Another aspect is that they need not to seek permission for travelling.

They are risk takers:

Not all travels are made into safe lands. When the expedition is for the mountains or seas, it always carries a sense of risk. That is fear and surpassing that fear makes you a great traveller. Great things don’t come so easily. Travelling through narrow mountains or walking for miles in a desert or forest are not meant for faint-hearted ones and those who endure these circumstances can actually look up to embrace any kind of challenge in their lives.

They understand people:

Travelling is mostly about seeing places with a ken of insight and meeting people on various excuses. Travelling gives you an opportunity to look into other’s lives – it is that great window. In a Himalayan valley you may find an old couple serving food to travellers at a cheaper price just to meet their daily lives needs. So, next time you see an old man or woman and you would relate their situation with those struggling old hilly pair.

They believe in finding solutions:

At times many problems arise during a journey such as stuck in a city or town due to curfew, riots, or a natural disaster. In these situations, a travelling heart would devise a plan as how to stay safe and when to escape. Otherwise a normal visitor may lose heart and succumb to fatal ramifications. A good traveller will always carry handy stuff and enough money to handle situations till his/her comeback. In the times of robbery they know whom to contact for help and how. Or in many cases, if nothing works out then the traveller takes up working there till he/she arranges money for home return.

There can be many travelling traits, however, if you feel like suggesting, kindly put in the comment box. 


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